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Infidelity Counselling by Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Counsellor Shivani Misri helps couples in managing the intense emotional pain in order to deal with the betrayal. Mostly partners become clingy and look for reassurance from the cheating partner, mostly causing guilt just to stay, which never work. Infidelity counselling can help to understand how things reached to this point, so areas can be worked upon. While both the partner addresses the part that they each contributed towards the circumstances, by resolving underlying problems, preventing an affair recurring.

An affair can let couples to be able to work on the areas that were earlier unresolved and form a stronger relationship together, if they are ready to work together. Infidelity counseling builds a stronger foundation for the couples to aptly handle the emotions, resolve the conflicts, regain trust and repair the damage caused.

What is Infidelity Counselling?

A simple definition for infidelity in marriage is an act of having a romantic, physical, or emotional relationship with some other person apart from your spouse. This might be a small definition but it takes a huge toll on the emotional and physical health of a partner who feels cheated says, Shivani.

When one talks about infidelity, Shivani Sadhoo says it usually has four stages to deal with, and each one of them is equally important to deal with, they are:

  • Post an Affair
  • An emotional or online Affair
  • Contemplating about Divorce
  • Marriage or Couple’s Therapy

Post an Affair

The first question that comes to your mind is, can your relationship can again be the same ever? It is pretty overwhelming says top infidelity counselor Shivani Sadhoo. More than you ever even imagined. If your partner was unfaithful, your world gone upside down. Be it was a physical or emotional affair; you are hurt and angry at your spouse’s cheating. Since you already know about infidelity, you question yourself whether you were a fool to think your relationship meant anything at all. You may wonder whether your complete life has been a lie. Or doubt that your partner’s lover has some special quality that you may not have. Coul you ever really trust your partner out of your sight again? Will you ever be able to recover from this devastating discovery of your spouse’s infidelity?

If you are the one who had the affair you might not be exactly certain how you ended up being unfaithful. You might feel terrible at having hurt your partner, but you may also prefer to put the affair behind you rather than talk about it so much. You are not certain how to answer your spouse’s questions. If there are kids involved, you worry about the impact on them should your marriage end. Probably the affair meant quite little to you beyond the physical intimacy. Or might be it was an emotional experience that opened you up in a new manner that you are reluctant to leave behind.

At this moment, you probably find it difficult to imagine how this marriage is going to heal from infidelity or move ahead. But in relationship therapy, you will get the opportunity to share your feelings about the affair in a safe, structured surrounding says marriage counselor Shivani Sadhoo.

With proper guidance and support, the two of you would be able to take careful, deliberate steps toward redeveloping the marriage. You will learn:

  • What things triggers the hurt spouse’s flashbacks and anger?
  • Find out how to control them as a couple, reestablishing trust and peace at home.
  • Contemplating about Divorce
  • Learn ways to tune into each other better, develop teamwork and open up to intimacy again.
  • Rediscover the closeness and joy that you shared once.
  • It is not going to be easy, but post infidelity you would be able to create a relationship that is stronger and better than ever before and mutually fulfilling for the remainder of your lives.

    For several years couple’s therapist, Shivani Misri Sadhoo has been supporting individuals and couples in Indian and abroad to heal from the pain of an affair. She has been featured ad quoted in several top Indian News Channel, newspapers, radio shows magazines, and several social media platforms on marriage, family life, and infidelity.

    If you are going through the trauma of infidelity in your marriage and are looking for the best professional to help you come out of this turbulent phase. Call for a one-on-one or virtual appointment with India’s best Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo today.

    Your husband or wife is asking for a divorce and you want to save the marriage?

    Marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo provides the individual support and knowledge you require to avert making things worse, to decide ways you have contributed to the problems in the marriage, and to pay attention to solutions. Taking accountability for your role in marital disharmony — and working towards altering your behavior — mostly demonstrates to a discouraged partner that you two truly can have a good marriage.

    Marriage or Couple’s Therapy -End fighting. Enjoy each other once again.

    Are you or your partner is worn down due to sarcasm, constant fighting, or stony silences? Missing the good old warmth and affection? Arguing about physical intimacy, money, kids, or in-laws? Do not wait until it becomes too late, advises Shivani Sadhoo.

    With the support of an active, solution-focused couples therapist, you and your spouse will be able to rediscover joy and connection. In online or one-on-one marriage counseling or couples therapy sessions having a secure platform, you can form a strong, honest, mutually supportive relationship and maintain it for the remainder of your lives.

    Shivan Sadhoo says, couples mostly come to see me post a near-disaster with marriage counseling. Starting marriage counseling right the first time could make the entire difference. There is truly no shortcut or substitute at all for experience.

    Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo’s Couples Therapy That Truly Works

    Gottman-certified couple’s counselor Shivani says marriage or couple’s counselors have access to plenty of research and practical tools to teach couples how to restore trust, bond, and romance in a relationship. There is certainly no excuse for a passive or chaotic procedure. That said, an experienced therapist will not try to plug you into a cookie-cutter method, either.

    An active counselor creates a structured layout unique to your specific needs; he or she will listen properly, respect each of your individual views, and nurture and help your growth both as an individual and as a couple.

    With the assistance of a skilled marriage counselor or couples therapist Shivani, you will be able to learn new, more impactful, and creative ways to speak and listen to each other.

    • Stressed out? Learn to sculpt out a nurturing, pleasurable zone for each other in the middle of your busy week.
    • Discover ways to transform your arguments into opportunities to control conflict and work as a team.
    • Posts an affair, work toward healing the hurt and redevelop the commitment and trust.

    Most importantly learn to understand what makes things go wrong, or worst, change the past patterns and create the intimate, loving relationship you desire for. Today’s relationships are rapidly growing and changing, but your longings for love, trust, and understanding are limitless and timeless.