Are You Getting Married? Secrets One Should Never Hide from Your Would-be Spouse

It is that time of the year when plenty of marriages takes place in India. This time is widely regarded as the marriage season in India.

However, emotional bonding such as love, relationships, and marriage are all based on trust. Sadly, plenty of people underestimate the essence of trust and therefore hardly pay any attention to this key component of a successful relationship.

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says marriage binds two individuals together for a lifetime and therefore it is very essential that they begin this journey based on rock-solid trust, since it is easier to love a person you trust and you believe in. More so, dishonesty can make an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in marriage and be it is little white lies or something big that can share your conjugal life, any secret can push a happy marriage towards the brink of a downhill. So, it is always good if you never hide secrets from a would-be spouse as you never know when a ghost from the past may crop up again to haunt your present or future.

Through this blog Delhi’s top Marriage Counselor and Relationship Expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo talks about things one should not hide from a would-be life partner.

Past Romantic Relationships or Affairs

Past romantic link-ups or physical relationships are one of the major secrets most would-be couples hide from each other before marriage. It does not matter if it was a short-term or a deep emotional relationship, what is really vitals is that you come out clean and let your partner know about all the baggage from your past relationships.

Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions not only impacts the patient but also his or her spouse and family. Post marriage, your spouse is a part of your life and family and it is , therefore, crucial to let your would-be life partner know about any medical conditions that you think can affect your marriage. This includes your physical and mental health issues as well.


Plenty of people probably ignore this point and might keep their addictions, whether it was from their past or present, a secret kept from their would-be spouse. Any sort of addiction or substance abuse, whether it is alcohol addiction or any other addiction can have a lasting effect on a person’s relationship with a partner and marriage is not different. Your would-be partner has every right to know about any history of your addiction if any.

Monetary Condition

Financial or Monetary dishonesty in a marriage is as pathetic as infidelity or any other sort of cheating. Let your would-be partner know if you have any financial issues or crisis in your life. Plenty of people have impending loans to pay off, which they hide from a would-be life partner. Remember, any financial burden could weigh down your marriage and can spell doom for both the partners. So, it is best to be transparent before you tie the knot.

Complete Background

Having a history is not bad. Nor everyone has a criminal history but for those who have, it is very critical that you let your partner know about it prior to your marriage. It could be something as small as shop-lifting during childhood, it is important that you do not keep your spouse in the dark. Also, if you have any other issues that you think it has the potential to flare up your past, it is better to reveal things beforehand.

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