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Online Couple Counselling


Couples Therapist Shivani says, couples often bring various histories or pasts, personalities, cultures, and subjective experiences into a relationship. Good communication and sustaining intimacy in a new relationship or a long-lasting marriage is never easy once the honeymoon phase ends. Probably, it is hard to understand how you and your spouse got here. What happened to the support and connection you once used to share?

With Shivani Misri Sadhoo as your online couple’s therapist, you will have a guide who is a skilled professional specializing in working with couples in the most complex situations. Shivani will help you work through issues, conflicts and guide you to create the relationship you deserve. Shivani will show you how to replace your frustration and worry with greater understanding and fulfillment in your relationship.

Shivani Sadhoo says Online Couples Counseling (also called virtual, telehealth, and video counseling) assists you focus having clarity on the areas you are struggling with in your relationship. She will provide guidance, insight, and feedback to assist you and your partner heal, working through problems, and forming healthier dynamics in your relationship. You will learn impactful communication skills and improve emotional and physical intimacy, under Shivani Sadhoo’s guidance.

Why Online Couples Counseling is Beneficial?

Online couples counseling is an innovative way of providing online marriage therapy to couples who need support in resolving some of their issues and regaining the lost harmony in their relationship.

Below are some of the listed benefits of online couples counselling.

    It is simple to access. It is convenient. More affordable. It provides you privacy. It is comfortable It is helpful for long-distance couples. It gives specific group sessions. You get the whole documentation online.

Even Researches Support Online Counseling

Shivani Sadhoo says, that online couple’s counseling is equally effective as a face-to-face one but in fact owing to some aspects it is also a very safe one to approach. This is what researchers had to show. Online marriage counseling provides you a complete safe haven where you can have a constructive conversation with the therapist without bothering about other external factors that otherwise may impact you.

Rediscover the Lost Joy Through Online Couples Counseling

Shivani Sadhoo says, in a time constraint world it is quite easy to ignore your relationship issues. She says stop waiting and if time and distance or whatever issues are hindering your relationship to bloom, use online couples therapy to rediscover the lost closeness and connection. Enjoy each other.

Are You Having a Tough Time in Your Married Life with these?

    Problem while communicating and asserting your needs? Lack or complete absence of intimacy and feeling disconnected from your partner? Talking in circles with your spouse? Feeling stuck since you and your spouse are having the same fights time and again? Feeling easily triggered due to your spouse because resentment has formed up?

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