Hurtful Things Married Couples Must Refrain From Telling Each Other

Arguments, fights, and quarrels are unavoidable parts of every marriage and when partners fight, they end up saying several things that make them repent later. Sometimes, words have more power to hurt more than any physical attack, when exchanged often, can turn any relationship into a sour and toxic one. Also, such words are never easy to forget and it can instigate the other spouse to use abusive or disgraceful language as well. Again, it is not possible to have a marriage without its share of disagreements, so while fights are inevitable, what one can control is what you say to your partner.

Shivani Misri Sadhoo, an eminent couple therapist and family counselor of Delhi in this blog talks about hurtful things married couples must refrain from telling each other.

Why Are You So Selfish?

There are moments when you feel that your partner does not give you any importance and he/she always place his/her needs before yours. And when things are not working as per your plans, you may be tempted to blame your partner for that. While you can have many reasons to believe that your partner is behaving quite selfishly, but you must avoid saying so during a fight. Lashing out at your partner and calling him selfish will only overshadow the numerous sacrifices he might have made for you and the relationship. If you have sufficient valid reasons to believe that your partner’s selfishness is damaging the relationship, it would be better to talk about it calmly rather than accusing him of being selfish during an argument.

My Career Is More Important Than Yours

Love, trust, reliability and respect are the 4 pillars of any marriage. And when any of those pillars become weak, the marriage falls on shaky ground. Respect, one of the essential parameters of a relationship are very crucial and when one partner says that he does a more important job than the other, he is not only disrespecting his other half’s role and contribution in the marriage but showing superiority as well. Every job is unique and is respectful and when you say that you are doing a more important job, probably you are earning more or are professionally more successful, you end up hurting your partner more than you can even think.

Marrying You Was The Biggest Mistake

Every married couple at a certain point in their lives has doubts with respect to their marriage. During an argument, such doubts could rear its ugly head, and couples may end up saying that the marriage was the biggest mistake. This is a quite strong accusation and it will certainly cause irreparable damage to your marriage and hurt your partner in a long race. irreparable damage.

I Do Not Like Your Parents

One can understand how hard it is to adjust to a new life and relatives post marriage. And it is not uncommon for married couples to share a love-hate relationship with their in-laws. At times, the relationship that a person shares with his or her in-laws can be very sensitive and in a moment he or she might end up saying the unimaginable, ‘I hate your parents”. You all love our parents, don’t you? And no matter what other people, including a partner, think of your parents, they will always occupy a special place in your heart. Saying hurtful things about your partner’s parent will definitely cause lasting damage to a marriage.

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