Secret Revealed – Why People get more attracted to Dark Traits People?

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Have you ever wondered why we sometimes witness the most kind and a soft person falls in love with a dark triad person with the personality traits – narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism?

Dark trait personalities are NOT the kind of people you want to spend much time with. Still, they commonly win dating games, in their teenage and in later stages. Commonly such people put their partners in extreme mental and emotional ordeal before the relationship ends.

According to a recent study, published in the European Journal of Personality, show that men who scored higher in narcissism were rated by women as more appealing for short-term trysts and longer-term commitment, but not as friends. Women were also more likely to say they’d like to see these men again. Scores in the other two Dark Triad traits did not make any difference to the men’s success.

Today in this blog, India’s leading marriage counselor and relationship expert, Shivani Misri Sadhoo, reveals the secret of this odd behavioral phenomenon.

Counselor Shivani shares dark traits people are better equipped to make themselves look externally attractive and charming. They consciously and unconsciously practice the tactics of manipulation, deception and learn the skill of presenting themselves very attractively to other people, of course, this only happens for a short period of time.

Counselor Shivani further explains that a dark trait personality narcissist person encompasses everything from the charm, arrogance, and manipulation, to seeking attention and admiration, to having a grandiose self-view. Whereas psychopath personality commonly lacks empathy, as well as traits such as callousness, impulsivity, thrill-seeking, and anti-social behaviors. A Machiavellianism personality, involves coldness, cynical thinking, exploitation, a desire for status, power, and money, and tactics of strategic manipulation.

Counselor Shivani further adds, that behavioral researchers across the world are continuously researching into Dark Triad traits of humans, and still, there is a lot to be found on this darker aspect of the human mind.

However, from an arranged marriage, relationship, and dating point of view, it is important that people should be careful and be alert to identify and avoid negative, toxic, or even dangerous trait people.  Sometimes the best way to meet new acquaintances is through family and friends who actually know the person for a long period of time, to whom they are introducing you. Having been vetted through trustworthy acquaintances, you are less likely to end up with a Dark Triad personality.