Things You Need to do if You Get Blamed by your Partner Every Time

Each couple goes through both good and bad times. Playing the blame game is not just the easiest thing but also a very unhealthy communication style that will only lead to a couple arguing and fighting unfairly and crop up the irrelevant past things into present arguments.

In this blog, India’s leading marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says if this is the scenario in your relationship you can get a solution.

Here are the things that you need to remember when your partner or spouse plays the blame game.

Stand for Yourself

Make your partner realize that you are feeling blamed and do not defer talking about it. When you leave those situations undiscussed, it will end up as a trend in the relationship that is seen to be normal. Let your partner know how you feel in a clear way. Make a conscious attempt to listen to what your partner is saying and look to change your behavior for the sake of your relationship, specifically when you feel you are wrong.

Realize that the Blame is not Actually about you

If your spouse keeps blaming you for all the things, stop and analyze if their blames are actually aimed at you or not. Generally, blames are a release of pain. If something suggests to you that you are not the cause of a particular thing, remember that it is not entirely true. It is about the other person’s shame. And on those occasions where you do not take it personally, you will be able to be more loving and kinder to your spouse.

When Pointing Out Issues Tell your Partner to be Gentle

You should always calmly and rationally point out things to your partner. If your partner believes you are always to blame, then there could be a problem. Several times, things show up for the first time, and for them to say always is wrong. Make an arrangement with your partner that if you are doing what they are saying, it is alright to gently tell you that you are doing a certain thing. Be willing and open to talk about it.

Transform your Partner’s Anger or Tantrum as a Productive Thing

Ask your spouse, what would you want to do about it? when he/she is playing the blame game on you. This way, you are transforming their temper tantrum into a productive moment. Make your partner focus on a solution rather than blaming you. It is a better strategy.

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