Red Flags that Suggests She is Only Pretending to Love You

Relationships can be quite the rollercoaster, can’t they? Love is a splendid and often intricate emotion that entwines our hearts, but sadly, not everyone we encounter is genuine in their affection. It’s a bitter truth to swallow, but the possibility of someone pretending to love you is a reality we should be aware of. Falling head over heels for someone is a beautiful experience, but what if they’re not reciprocating those feelings honestly?

How can you tell if the love you feel is being echoed genuinely

How can you tell if the love you feel is being echoed genuinely?

Let’s understand the signs that indicate if her love for you is real from India’s leading eminent relationship counsellor and couples therapist, Shivani Misri Sadhoo.

1. What She Says Is Not What She Does

Genuine love is a harmonious blend of words and actions that align seamlessly. If your partner’s words consistently contradict their actions, it may be a red flag. Love is stable and consistent; it doesn’t fluctuate dramatically without reason. If her behaviour changes drastically from being loving and affectionate to distant and cold, she may be pretending. Consistency is a hallmark of genuine love.

2. She is Secretive

If you’re a caring, understanding partner who always encourages openness, discovering that your significant other keeps things hidden should raise some concerns. It’s not about invading their privacy; it’s about their intentions and actions. In a loving relationship, a woman who truly cares about her partner would want to involve him in her life to some extent. If she’s hiding things, it might indicate a lack of respect and desire for the relationship. Secrecy can signify insincerity.

3. She Hardly Cares About Your Life

If she’s faking love, she won’t care about your life. Your friends, family, and daily activities won’t matter to her. She’ll only text when she’s bored and won’t make time for you. This means she’s keeping you around until someone better comes along. Real love means she’ll genuinely care about your dreams and what you’re up to every day. If she doesn’t show interest in your life, it’s a warning sign. True love involves caring about the little things that matter to you.

4. She doesn’t Respect You

Respect is a cornerstone of any loving relationship. Do you notice how she talks and acts around you? It seems like she doesn’t respect you much. The way she dismisses your ideas and rolls her eyes suggests a lack of respect. Criticizing you publicly and making you feel inferior isn’t how a loving partner behaves. If she constantly belittles you, it’s a sign that she doesn’t see you as an equal.

5. Being Selfish

Is she consistently putting her needs before yours, disregarding your feelings or desires? If she’s always the star of her own show, never showing interest in your feelings or needs, that’s a red flag. Love’s a two-way street, where both partners consider each other’s needs and feelings; but she’s parked on a one-way street. Pay attention if it’s all about her, not the “us.” Love’s more than just “me, me, me.” Don’t ignore the signs; real love cares about you too.

6. No Future Plan

A person genuinely in love with you will envision a future with you and discuss plans together. If she consistently avoids conversations about future commitments or diverts the topic, she might be pretending. Love involves openness and a willingness to plan a life together.

In matters of the heart, actions speak louder than words. Genuine affection is consistent, open, and respects and cares for your life. Don’t be blind to the signs—real love embraces, supports, and envisions a beautiful future together. Trust your instincts and love wisely.