Do You Know That These Habits of Emotionally Wealthy Couples That Helps Make Marriage Last a Lifetime

Only a certain thing is viewed as having as much importance and sacredness as a marriage. Finding true love is a sought-after goal for many people, and marriage is normally the next step. However, it is just as well-known that marriage is not easy and needs a lesser-known secret to keep it strongly intact and afloat.

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says while communication is one dimension of this, generally emotionally wealthy couples are those that look to have lasting marriages.

There is a lot more to keeping a marriage secure and healthy than being consistently happy and satisfied, and it is understanding this first, which is absolutely vital. The hard work is mostly overlooked in the fantasy of marriage, and it includes some habits emotionally wealthy couples do to make a marriage last a lifetime.

Let us read what India’s leading marriage counselor and relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo has to say on this topic.

Be Affectionate

It has been found that couples who have great intimacy, kiss their partner passionately without any reason, cuddle, and they are aware of making small appreciative gestures towards each other. Gestures like holding hands, kissing and cuddling are all opportunities to display appreciation and affection.

Show Appreciation

Another way emotionally wealthy couples keep a marriage healthy and alive is by expressing appreciation on a regular basis. Couples mostly ignore each other’s emotional needs out of mindlessness, though not because of an intentional ill will. When one feels unappreciated, a feeling of resentment creeps up and impacts the relationship in a negative manner when it manifests unexpectedly. Appreciating small gestures and remembering these gestures is a great way to foster positive relationship patterns.

Celebrate Good Things

The way appreciation is a must, so is the additional positive energy in the form of celebrating good news. Divorce happens when there is less positivity in a marriage. It is a strong indicator that shows the number of fun couples has and the strength of their friendships is a strong predictor of their future of married life.

Discuss Stress

It has been seen the spillover of external stress into the relationship is one of the single biggest reasons why couples relapsed 2 years after marital therapy. Conversations that are related to stress-reducing are some of the most essential discussions a couple can have.

Maintain and Manage Other Relationships

While you may not expect this advice in maintaining your relationship, it is actually healthy to stay close and connected to family and friends to avail support and intimacy from other sources besides your partner. While your marriage must be your primary relationship, it must not be your sole one. The way to enhance a marriage is not to put excessive emotional demand on a partner and to foster interests way beyond the twosome.

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