4 Things to Consider Before Leaving a Relationship

Are you confused or wondering if it is time to exit from your relationship? Whether you have been dating for some time or you have been into it for several years, there will possibly come a point when you begin doubting your relationship with your significant one.

Counselor Shivani says questioning your love for the person you are with is one of the initial signs that you are thinking of ending the relationship. If you and your significant one are at a stage where you are feeling like the relationship is too difficult and it is continuously draining you, this is a sign that there are concerns that can crop up in your relationship. In a healthy relationship, both the partners take responsibility for their actions and any problem surfacing, not coming up with continuous reasons to throw in the towel. If there is an issue, there must be a desire on both ends to do what is mandatory to make things improved. If there is a small or no concern, your relationship is perhaps on the outs.

It’s a very difficult call to take rather it’s a lifetime experience couples experience ups and downs over the course of a long-term relationship. There are times when the conflict can reach a situation and the destiny of the journey and companionship breakup begins. No one is willing to change. Perhaps there has been some damage in the relationship and one partner wonders whether it’s worth continuing with the relationship. What are the true signs that your marriage is over and what is the sign that marriage is not working or it’s not worth fighting for? There are certain signs to be considered before making the ultimate call of leaving the relationship.

While the idea of ending it could be heartbreaking, it is also quite necessary. The reality is, ending a relationship is never easy and due to this and it could be particularly hard to call it over, but it is important that you’re sincere with yourself and the person you’re with.

India’s leading Relationship and Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo in this blog says, before you leave your relationship, consider the following things.

Why Am I In This Relationship?

This could feel like a simple question to answer, but it is not always as easy as it seems. It is best to ask yourself this question at least once when the “honeymoon phase” is done. Love may be blind, but when it comes down to it, you have to be able to answer this question honestly. It might sound painful no doubt, but your tendency to quiet the relationship doubts may get up being a huge regret later on. So, several times you look back on a bad relationship, and only in hindsight can you really see the signs for what it really was. But if you truly think about it, you knew the answer all the time, you simply wanted to ignore it for whatever matter. Rather, be more proactive about your relationship concerns and address those with your partner or move on before you feel hurt.

Are My Needs Being Met?

Everyone certainly desires and expectations for how one expects to be treated by the person we care about and some of these desires and expectations are genuine needs. In simple words, one cannot survive and thrive as individuals if those needs are not met. So, if one or both of you is failing to have your most emotional needs addressed by the bond you share, then this is a sure sign that your relationship could be in jeopardy. The person with a strong emotional desire for connection in a relationship like to do several things with their partner, big and small. They want to share tasks and make decisions together. Someone with a bigger need for autonomy may just want to just get a simple task done alone, and together for more playful things. If you see that you have contrasting needs, you need to work on win-win solutions that let both of you get what you wish. If you cannot deal with this, it can lead to resentment or passive-aggressive compliance that later switches into secretive behaviors.

Do I Respect My Partner or Am I Treated with Respect?

One of the biggest aspect of a relationship is respect. Being with someone you respect and love is key to being in a healthy relationship. You must be proud of the person you are with and the way you two communicate. If you are making excuses for who you are or hiding parts of your relationship from friends, that is not good. You deserve to be respected and you deserve to be with a person who you can respect too. Knowing your self-worth is one of the finest ways to ensure you are being treated properly. If you have low expectations for yourself and do not treat yourself with respect, probabilities are you will not recognize when your partner is wrong. Be confident in what you aspire for, love who you are, and set an example of how you must be treated by treating yourself the same manner.

Will I Be Happier with or Without That Person?

Think of how your world will change when you split? Will you be happier and content with or without them? Prior to you break up with your partner, prepare for what is next. Things can change. Your housing situation could get complicated. Your social life will change greatly, both in how you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. Your regular routine will no longer be routine. While the fear of the change or the unknown must not stop you from leaving an unhealthy relationship, finishing things before you have considered the first few steps pre-breakup can make a stressful situation even more painful and overwhelming. As you are considering these consequences, ask yourself if ending the relationship is what you will ultimately regret? Deep down, you have the answer.

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