How to Devote 5-6 Hours a Week to Uplift Your Relationship Bonding?

Shares Couples Therapist Shivani Sadhoo

In today’s fast-paced world relationships are often pushed to the sidelines. The demands of work, technology, and other commitments can easily overshadow the need for meaningful connections with our loved ones. However, try to devote just 5 to 6 hours a week which can work wonders in deepening the bond between you and your partner. India’s eminent marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo tells us how:

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How to devote quality time to enhance your relationship?

Shivani Sadhoo says, some of the things you need to do are:

 1. The Art of Appreciation

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to express gratitude for the small things. Spend some quality time with your partner to acknowledge their efforts and qualities. Take turns sharing what you appreciate about each other. It could be as simple as thanking them for preparing a meal or admiring their kindness. This practice fosters a sense of validation and reinforces your connection.

2. Planning Date Nights

Who said date nights had to be extravagant? Plan a cozy date night in the comfort of your own space. Cook your favorite meal together, grab a blanket, and binge-watch a series you both love. The key is to create an environment that encourages open conversation and shared experiences. Remember, it’s not about where you are, but who you’re with.

3. Intimacy

Physical touch is a powerful way to express love. Spend time cuddling, holding hands, or simply hugging. Physical intimacy nurtures emotional closeness, reminding you both of the comfort and safety you find in each other’s arms.

4. Dream Together

To foster a sense of unity, dedicate time to discuss your shared goals and dreams. This could be anything from planning a vacation to envisioning your future together. Aligning your aspirations strengthens your partnership and gives you a sense of direction as a team.

5. Have Fun Together

Incorporate some fun into your relationship by engaging in playful activities together. Whether it’s a board game night, cooking a new recipe, or going for a nature walk, shared experiences create lasting memories. Playfulness adds a spark of spontaneity, reminding you both of the joy that brought you together.

6. Talk to Each Other

Meaningful conversations are the heartbeat of any relationship. Set aside time to talk without distractions, discussing your dreams, fears, and aspirations. Use open-ended questions to delve deeper into each other’s thoughts and feelings. Listening attentively shows that you genuinely care about their thoughts, nurturing emotional intimacy.

7. Disconnect to Reconnect

In a world entranced by screens, genuine connections can slip through our fingers. Allocate precious pockets of technology-free time to be fully present with your loved ones. Put devices aside and immerse yourselves in each other’s company. Rediscover the art of conversation, the magic of eye contact, and the warmth of shared moments. By disconnecting, you’ll authentically reconnect, nourishing your relationship’s core with undivided attention and care.

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8. Lend them your ear

Being a compassionate listener can work wonders. Set aside time to actively listen to your partner’s thoughts and feelings without judgment. It’s not about offering solutions but creating a safe space for them to express themselves.

9. Be Kind to Each Other

Small gestures can have a big impact. Whether it’s leaving a sweet note, surprising your partner with their favorite treat, or offering a soothing massage after a tiring day, these acts of kindness cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation and warmth.

10. Sweet Goodbyes

Before saying goodbye in the morning, happy couples try to know something about their partner’s day. It could be a project at work, a new recipe they want to try, meeting a friend, or going for a walk. The idea is to ask and learn about good and not-so-good things that will happen during their day. This helps them connect better and show they care.

Remember, it’s not the quantity but the quality of time you invest in those matters. In a world where seconds count, dedicating these few hours to your relationship can make a world of difference.